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Questions Related to a Medical Diagnosis

The following questions and statements may have occurred to you and can be explored within therapy sessions. Working through feelings and thoughts within a safe environment is very beneficial.

I've been diagnosed with a serious disease and I haven't cried. Is that normal?

I'm crying all the time, is that normal?

I'm too young to have been diagnosed with this disease.

Did I do something to cause my diagnosis?

I don't know who to tell, how much to tell, or if I want to tell others of my diagnosis. What avenue is best for me?

Will I be seen as self-absorbed if talk about my health all the time?

I expected different responses from my friends and family regarding my diagnosis. I don't know how I feel about that.

I'm afraid of becoming a burden on my family.

What if I don't feel the hope that everyone is saying I should have? What if I feel very differently?

I am experiencing amplified feelings that I've long suppressed.

Where can I hit bottom and feel safe?
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