Brenda M. Massie MA LCSW

You can contact Brenda at 347-850-3552  


If you are contemplating beginning therapy these pages are designed to help you determine whether my services are right for you.

You will find a caring, comfortable, supportive, non-judgmental environment where you can discuss your feelings and thoughts and areas in your life that you experience as unsettling.

My practice is focused on helping people work through unexpected changes in their perceptions of their physical and emotional self due to medical diagnoses and treatments. I also work with those undergoing life changes such as entering a nursing home, hospitals, or complicated grief.

We will work together to manage and prioritize difficult decisions and work through feelings causing anxiety and depression.

I work to assist you in resolving difficult feelings and assist you in feeling better about yourself, feel stronger and more able to face and make decisions that are in front of you.

I find my work tremendously rewarding and consider each person with whom I work to be special.